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    The Forum Rules - Read before posting!

    v TiM
    v TiM

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    The Forum Rules - Read before posting!

    Post by v TiM on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:02 am

    Anyone and everyone is welcome to use our forums but please keep in mind that you are talking to other human beings on this website, so please take their feelings into consideration before posting.

    If you have any problems with anyone, please send a PM to either v TiM or H3LLRA153R.

    1. Absolutely no advertising (this includes posting your YouTube link), sexual content, selling and/or scams are allowed to be posted. You have been warned!

    2. No links to viruses or anything of the sort, let's keep things nice for everyone.

    3. No aggressive language directed towards others. Used casually is OK.

    4. Do not bump your threads with useless posts.

    5. Respect others decisions and do not try to persuade anyone to do anything they don't want to.

    7. Post in the correct forum, people that continuously post in the wrong forum will be banned.

    8. Do not post unnecessarily to boost your posts. Your rank will be reset!

    9. You can use our website to host images but we would prefer if you used external sites as it costs us money to pay for hosting. For free hosting check here:

    10. All links to files on file hosting websites must be in code tags.

    To be updated at any time without warning.

    Anyone noticed I skipped 6? king

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    Please read the forum rules to help avoid getting banned.
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    Post by H3LLRA153R on Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:17 pm

    If any users are unsure if their post(s) will conflict with the rules, then PM an Admin or Mod before posting.

    New Rule:
    If you post in a topic you must be relevant to the topic title. If you post something irrelevant it will be edited or deleted. And if you continue to do this you will be given a warning.


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